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Spokane Soccer Academy Schedule
Calendar and Fee Structure


Academy Session Calendar
Fall Sessions* 6 weeks Training once a week in Aug & Sept (6 sessions)
Winter Session 1* 6 weeks Training once a week in Nov & Dec (12 sessions)
Winter Session 2* 6 weeks training twice a week in Jan & Feb (12 sessions)
Spring Sessions* 6 weeks training once a week in March & April (6 sessions)
Summer Sessions 6 weeks training twice a week June - July (Aug) (12 sessions)
Summer Salamander 1 week camps over the course of the summer (4 days)
High School Girls Clinic A 1 week Pre-Season Camp in August (4 days)
Kick Start Soccer (U3-U7) A 6 week program that runs fall through spring (6 sessions)
Other sessions available During the year we can run special camps and clinics. fees vary.

* Whenever we train indoors (primarily November thru February) the move inside limits the number of participants we can take on due to the limtied space we have. The first opportunity to register for these indoor session is given to year round families first. After that we give participants in the last session the next opportunity to register so that they continue their training with us. If we have any space open after that we backfill remaining spots off of our waiting list.  We do have an open registration period if returning players opt out and there is no waiting list.  Keep an eye on the website as that is where we post our openings!

Year round families keep their status by participating in the winter and summer sessions (3) and either the fall or spring session (1). 


Sessions and Fees:
Fall Sessions* $150 per player
Winter Sessions 1&2* $295 per player
Spring Sessions* $150 per player
Summer Sessions* $295 per player
Summer U6-U8  Training*   $275 per player
High School Girls Clinic* $125 per player
U4-U6 Kick Start* $125 per player

Normal Multiple Child Discounts (sometimes we run other specials):

Summer / Winter Disounts: Spring / Fall Discounts: HSG / KickStart Discounts:
1st Child - $295
2nd Child - $270
3rd+ Child - $245 each
1st Child = $150
2nd Child = $130
3rd+ Child = $120
1st Child = $125
2nd Child = $100
3rd Child = $ 75

Please contact us at kmoon@spokanesocceracademy.com to set this up as we cannot apply this to registrations using the online system.  Thank you!

*There is an additional $5 fee when using the online registration system via our website.*


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