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Kevin Moon - Academy Director
Dr. Toby Schwarz - Core Strength Speed and Agility Specialist
Vito Higgins - Goalkeeping Specialist
Ali McCready - Senior Staff Coach
Russ Carder - Senior Staff
Katie Bischoff - Staff Coach

:: ABOUT US ::

The Spokane Soccer Academy (SSA) is an academy that focuses on improving the technical abilities of the players that attend our sessions.  Our PROGRAM is based on repetition, focus and fun!

SSA is does not follow a typical soccer camp model, instead we teach through a program that we have developed over the last 15 years.  While we offer programs that address many of the fundamental techniques related to the game of soccer, we specialize in coordinating a player’s body to move in a soccer specific fashion and in developing players that are very comfortable with the ball at their feet. 

Our program is for EVERYONE, not just the super star or high end athlete.  We enjoy helping players of all athletic ability levels become better with the ball.  One of our goals is to help raise the level of soccer in Spokane as a whole, as such we really look forward to working with players from every club in our area.  We have programs in and around the Spokane area as well as in the Spokane Valley.

While SSA’s PROGRAM is focused on the technical side of player development, we also do our best to nurture a player’s desire to improve, help them gain an understanding of what it really means to work toward a goal and encourage them to develop the necessary work rate and focus to chase their dreams.

If you have questions about our programs, please feel free to email Kevin at: kmoon@spokanesocceracademy.com.


Thank you!

Lead Trainer
Spokane Soccer Academy



  1. Provide organized soccer training and education services to players and families throughout the Spokane area;
  2. To bridge the divides that club soccer can create, providing an arena where the best players can come together to further develop their abilities with likeminded players;
  3. To impact the Spokane soccer community by establishing training programs that will benefit all levels of soccer in our area. 
In order to continually carry out our mission statement, we will expose our players to:
  • Experienced and enthusiastic staff members;
  • A comprehensive training program;
  • Academy sponsored indoor and futsal teams (selected from within the Academy programs) when we are able;
  • A peer learning environment where younger players work with and learn from older players that have gone through the same program.
By placing an emphasis on values such as respect, friendship, and integrity, SSA is dedicated to building character through athletics. In addition, every soccer player who attends our programs can improve his/her technical skill and can develop an increased knowledge and appreciation of his/her role in the team game. This synthesis of character and skill building can provide attendees with lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime.
:: Academy Philosophy ::
The Spokane Soccer Academy aspires to provide organized soccer training with the objective of trying to maximize the individual player’s potential.  Our focus is on individual skill development, instilling discipline, confidence with the ball, a higher work ethic and greater expectations within the individual. 
Understanding that soccer is a game that is meant to be played with spirit and joy, we are committed to providing a structured environment where not only can the player improve but his/her spirit expressed and joy fueled.
We encourage those who attend our sessions to use their imagination and creativity during the play portion of our sessions.  We also encourage taking risks, explaining that making mistakes is a natural part of the game and assist in improving their decision-making ability under pressure. 



Spokane Soccer Academy

Mailing Address:
Spokane Soccer Academy
PMB #204
12128 N. Division St.
Spokane, WA 99218


Kevin Moon - Questions specific to certain Academy Sessions

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