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Spokane Soccer Academy Summer Sessions

2017 Summer Programs

Monday and Wednesday  w/ 1 Friday
Session Dates @ Dwight Merkel:

June 19,21,26,28
July 5,7,10,12,17,

Tuesday and Thursday w/ 1Friday
Session Dates @ Plantes Ferry Park:

June 20,22,27,29,30
July 6,11,13,18,20,25,27

We reserve the right to make adjustments to the schedule and staff up until May 31.

05.15.2017 STAFF UPDATE: Cameron Bushey will be leading the Junior
the Advanced Academy & Striking & Finishing the first week.
Kevin will be with one of his teams at FAR WEST REGIONALS.

First Time Training - DMC
Mondays / Wednesdays & 1 Friday
1st-3rd Grade

@ Dwight Merkel  | 9:00-10:15am | $275
Morgan Crosby & Academy Staff

Laying the Foundation - DMC
Mondays / Wednesdays & 1 Friday
4th-6th Grade

@ Dwight Merkel  | 9:00-10:30am | $295
Ali McCready, Russ Carder & Jesse Retan

Junior Academy - DMC
Mondays / Wednesdays & 1 Friday
7th-9th Grade

@ Dwight Merkel  | 9:00-10:30am | $295
Cameron Bushey Kevin & Eddie Lopez

Advanced Academy - DMC
Mondays / Wednesdays & 1 Friday
10th Grade - College Prep
@ Dwight Merkel  | 10:30am-Noon | $295
Dr. Toby Schwarz Kevin & Cameron Bushey

Goalkeeping I- DMC
Mondays / Wednesdays & 1 Friday
5th-8th Grade

@ Dwight Merkel  9:00-10:00am PLUS | $295
Coach: Vito Higgins
*Please read description of session below!
Goalkeeping II- DMC
Mondays / Wednesdays & 1 Friday
High School ages

@ Dwight Merkel  10:30-11:30am PLUS| $295
Coach: Vito Higgins

*Please read description of session below!

First Time Training - Plantes Ferry
Tuesdays & Thursdays & 1 Friday
@ Plantes Ferry | 9:00-10:15am | $275
Morgan Crosby & Academy Staff

Laying the Foundation - Plantes Ferry
Tuesdays & Thursdays & 1 Friday
@ Plantes Ferry | 9:00-10:30am | $295
Ali McCready, Russ Carder & Jesse Retan

Junior Academy - Plantes Ferry
Tuesdays & Thursdays & 1 Friday
7th-9th Grade
@ Plantes Ferry | 9:00-10:30am | $295
Cameron Bushey Kevin & Eddie Lopez

Striking & Finishing - Plantes Ferry
Tuesdays & Thursdays & 1 Friday
8th - 12th Grade
@ Plantes Ferry | 10:30am - Noon | $295
Kevin Moon, Cameron Bushey

10th Annual High School Girl’s Pre-Season Clinic
Monday thru Thursday

Dwight Merkel Fields | 9:00-10:30am | $125 | 9th-12th Grade 
* Please note no additional summer discounts apply for this unless you have multiple children attending.

August 14,15,16,17

All players must register for their (FALL 2017) grade appropriate session! 
Multiple Child Discount:
1st Child - $295 (+ $5 if using the online registration system $300)
2nd Child - $270 (+ $5 if using the online registration system $275)
3rd+ Child - $245 each (+ $5 if using the online registration system $250)

Payments using the online registration system must be made in full at the time of registration. $150 of the registration fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. If you cannot make your payment in full then you can mail in your $150 deposit and pay the balance the first day of training.

    Register using our online system, and select the VISA, MasterCard or Discover option.  There is a $5 processing fee added to the Academy deposit to use a credit or debit card, so the total charged $300.00.  
    Please mail all the waiver forms and your check (made out to the Spokane Soccer Academy) to:

    The Spokane Soccer Academy
    12128 N Division Street
    PMB #204
    Spokane, WA 99218

    Waivers to send in:
    Liability / Hold Harmless Release
    Medical Wiaver / Permission to Treat

    You can mail in a deposit ($150.00) or pay in full ($295.00) using this method.  If a deposit is sent in the balance is due the first day of the session.

Please direct all questions to Kevin at



First Time Training: (1st-3rd Grade)


This "camp" environment introduces young players to a slightly more structured training environment. It will involve an INTRODUCTION to basic skill sets but also be designed around allowing time for the kids to play fun games related to the skills that they learn.  This is a CHALLENGING but FUN FILLED session that kids absolutely LOVE!

Laying the Foundation: (4th-6th Grade)

This structured training environment helps young players coordinate their movement in a soccer specific fashion.  We also introduce players to the skills necessary to advance their skill in the following areas:

  • Passing & receiving
  • Striking balls over distance
  • Dribbling & cutting (emphasis on BOTH feet)
  • Footwork combinations
  • Dynamic juggling patterns

Our goal is to build each players confidence in this session and to encourage players to take risks without fear of failure.  Players should be free to create and take chances to see what they can do while receiving many repetitions and lots of encouragement. All sessions end with small-sided game play of "flying changes"!

JUNIOR ACADEMIES: (7th-9th Grade)

In this session we build on the skills learned in our Laying the Foundation program and continue to encourage players to take risks without fear of failure.  We also spend a little more time in perfecting the ability to receive balls out of the air as well as polish the player’s ability to knock balls with different techniques over distance. Confidence and composure in tight spaces is another area of focus in our skills training.  We follow this up by playing a series of 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 games to allow them to practice what they learn in game related activities and always try to end each sessions with 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 games to large goals.

Striking & Finishing: (8th-12th grade)

Our striking and finishing session will cover striking a ball well over distance, finishing for power, shooting within different rhythms, volleys, finishing off the dribble, serving and finishing off of crosses and more! All sessions will end with games where participants can try to try to apply what is being taught during live game play.

Advanced Academy (10th grade - College Prep)

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Toby Schwarz is returning this summer to work with our Advanced Academy! 

Toby, the Whitworth University Track & Field and Cross Country Head Coach, will be leading the first 45-60 minutes of 7 out of our 12 sessions for our Advanced Academy sessions!  He will be working on speed, agility and core strengthening for advanced athletes. On the days that he is not available we will continue to work on these areas with his and other professionals input that specialize in this area. We will aslo add in special sessions on striking & finishing or things that work on advanced technique.

Exact dates Toby will be present: 
July 5,7,10,17,19,24,26 (7 of 12 training sessions)

The last 30-45 minutes of each session will be a mix of technical training and small-sided games.  The best possible mix of soccer and athletic training rolled into one summer session! This session is for competitively advanced players that are preparing for their sophomore through senior year in high school or are training over the summer to return to their collegiate program.  If you have questions specifically about this session you can contact Kevin Moon at:  

Goalkeeping Academy:

We are also excoted that coach Vito Higgins, assistant coach for the Gonzaga University Men's program, will be working on all aspects of goalkeeping with goalkeepers that register this summer (footwork, GK specific agility, shot stopping, distribution and more!) for the first hour. The last 30 minutes goalkeepers will jump into join their age appropriate group for game play. This can me small sided to small goals where they use their feet OR it could be to goal where they will get reps as a goalkeeper! You will not find this kind of mixed training anywhere else in Spokane!

Vito will be coaching 10 of the 12 sessions. He will miss the first week as he is going to be out of town recruiting for the Bulldogs. Goalkeepers will join their age appropriate age group to train with their feet for those first two sessions.

Exact dates Vito will be present: 
June 26,28 July 5,7,10,12,17,19,24,26 (10 of 12 training sessions)

HIGH SCHOOL AGED GOALKEEPER BONUS! All goalkeepers that register for our summer sessions will be invited to get additional reps in goal for FREE during our striking and finishing sessions at Plantes Ferry Park on Tuesdays & Thursdays!

High School Girl’s Clinic (9th-12th grade)

This week long clinic will send you into your high school tryouts with confidence and having spent a good deal of time on the ball!  Each day will involve a foot skill related warm-up followed by training in the areas of Striking & Finishing, small sided games and full 11 v 11 play (if numbers allow).

This is a great way to get a little jump on the fall season by having been in a structured training environment before entering tryouts.  Come train with your team before tryouts start to get a little bonding going before the season starts!

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